Booking The Walrus for Your Event

Private Parties:

We’ve played for graduation parties, birthday parties, retirement parties and holiday parties. We are available anytime you want to gather all your nearest and dearest for an evening of dancing, laughter, and great rock ‘n’ roll! We will work with your budget. Email us here and select the button for “Private party,” and we will contact you to discuss your event.


We have played for wedding receptions, and we offer a competitive and affordable price. We guarantee we will get more people dancing and having a great time than most bands and DJs, partly because the Beatles’ music is so well-loved and enjoyed by a majority of the population. Email us here and select the button for “Wedding” and we will work with your wedding budget to provide a great show for your guests.

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and Other Venues:

We have played shows at The House of Blues in Hollywood, The House of Blues Voodoo Lounge in Anaheim, The Quiet Cannon, The Queen Mary's Independence Day Festival, The Blues Cafe in Long Beach, Club London at Boardners, and various other bars and restaurants throughout Southern California. We have played lots of grand opening parties for restaurants as well.

Do you own or manage a restaurant, bar or club? Are you looking for new ways to bring in a middle-aged, young, or family audience? Give your guests an evening of authentic, classic Beatles music, dancing and entertainment! To schedule a performance email us here and select the button for “Restaurant/Club/Other.”


We have played for many charity events and fundraisers, and we have a special interest in raising money for victims of crime and tragedy. We believe that music and entertainment not only bring communities together in a time of crisis, but can also give people a way to help by raising desperately-needed funds. If you are planning a charity event like this and want The Walrus to provide entertainment that a wide audience can enjoy, please email us here and select the button for “Charity fundraiser.”


We are available to play shows in the LA/OC/Riverside metropolitan areas. Depending on the event and the circumstances, we are also available to play in other parts of Southern California and beyond. Let us know your location and the date you would like us to play, and we will give you the best possible deal taking our gas expenses into account.

What You Get When You Book The Walrus:

You don’t just get an hour of amazing live music performed by four guys. You get a performance that was rehearsed several times over just for your event. We charge you based on how many sets of music we perform, but included in that price are the hours of rehearsing, setting up equipment, tuning and doing sound checks to make sure we provide you the most pleasing listening experience, and then cleaning up after it’s over. We often stay with the audience a long time after our shows to take pictures with people and sign autographs for kids. We do what we can to make each party or event unforgettable for every person in the audience. Just as our audiences often clamor for encores, we are also never in a hurry to leave, and we value the time we spend connecting with fellow Beatles fans.

We give you the full Beatles tribute experience, complete with authentic costumes, guitars, jokes and trivia. We blend the best of the Beatles’ music with their wit and personality, so that you can enjoy the unique live performance style that made the Beatles such a beloved group during the 1960s. We have been playing shows for many years now, and people who have heard and seen us say our performances rival those of the Fab Four and other prominent Beatles tribute bands. But we won’t charge you anywhere near what the Fab Four charges for their services. We like to stay affordable for the sake of the fans that have known us since we first started playing in the southeast Los Angeles area, in our hometown of South Gate, California.

Please email us here with your request for pricing. We will be happy to discuss your event and your budget, and based on that information we will work out the most reasonable deal for you, with the best entertainment value for your unique event. Thanks for your interest in The Walrus!